Meet Ntow

My name is Ntow Ebenezer Ofori, a sophomore student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where I am currently majoring in Petroleum Engineering. From very humble backgrounds where education is but a myth, I’ve risen to defy the odds and continually doing so by climbing higher on the educational ladder that most in my family and vicinity have dared not to ascend. Serving as a beacon to others and to myself, I hope to, one day, become an engineer whose pioneering work in carbon emission will help reduce its emission from crude oil production and its consumption to save the earth from global warming. This would help Africa to drastically cut down their contribution to global warming since our rate of transitioning from crude reserves to clean energy is dilatory. 

Apart from engineering, in the future as a postgraduate student, I wish to study Philosophy and Astrophysics or Cosmology to research further the unification of the four fundamental forces in nature and other challenging topics in Physics and explain some mystical realities and the big questions in life.

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