Meet Amos

Name: Gozey Amos
Job title: Student
Hometown: Adidome (Ghana- Volta region)
Alma matter; Primary: Kikale D/A  Junior High: Sheri D/ASenior High: SogakopeTertiary: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Present situation: Currently facing a big financial challenge or problem in the course of my education (accommodation and school fees, laptop for studies, books, pocket money are some of the challenges)
Mission statement: To be impacted to impact and to become solution to problems in Ghana, Africa,and and the world at large.
Personal and Professional goals: I am versatile,so I will impact Agric and Medical sector more. I look forward to become a Biotechnologist after my first degree and later my masters in Bioinformatics. And further to do Doctor of pharmacy and finally become the President of Ghana.
Hobbies: Reading and listening to spirit filled Christian songs

Skills and areas of expertise: Fishing (I did it for about 16 years) and farming, Graphics designs (Fair knowledge), fair knowledge in laboratory practice, Driving, artisan (fair knowledge), these are few of them at the moment.

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