Meet Laar

I am Laar Robert Yadama, 21 years of age and I come from the North East region of Ghana but live in Ejura Sekyedumase in the Ashanti region. My father is a teacher and my mother is a petty trader with five other siblings. Am the eldest of my siblings and the first to enter university. I read Natural Resources Management at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

I am a student who has the passion to contribute to the sustainable management of Ghana’s natural resources and the protection of the environment. Climate change is one of the key issues the United Nations seeks to curb in every country around the globe, as it was stated in the SDG 13, “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.

Due to financial challenges I am currently facing with my family, I have not been able to settle my school fees and not been able to secure accommodation as well. I travel from Atimatim new site to come for lectures on campus and most at times miss morning lectures. I also lack the educational material like laptop and other accessories to help with my online studies when using the virtual class.

I aim at graduating with a first class honor. And also plan to work to serve my country Ghana for some time and further on my education to get my Master’s Degree in environmental and climate conservationI have gained different insights into the roles our forest, plants, and wild life play in environmental conservation and education. I seek to contribute massively in sustaining our natural resources through youth advocacy, creating social awareness and educating our people on the need and how to protect and use our natural resources in a manageable manner. I look forward to working with the Forestry Commission of Ghana and  also set myself to become an entrepreneur to help create jobs for the youth. With the support I receive from Empowering Africa Inc., my dream and passion of contributing to the sustainable development of Ghana’ s environment and also help the poor people with dreams and aspiration in life will be a reality.

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