Meet Bernard

My name is Bernard Bosomah Yeboah, a second year medical student in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). I completed Senior High School in 2017 as the best General Science student and overall best student for my year group in Osei Tutu Senior High School. In Senior High School, I was an active member of the National Science and Math Quiz (NSMQ) team and represented my school on the national level. I was also part of the Writers and Debaters’ Club and gained a lot of experience in public speaking.

Becoming a medical doctor will give me the chance to provide health services to the populace and also provide a momentous role in the medical field when the need arises. I would love to deliver my services no matter the community setting be it urban or rural, especially in helping the vulnerable and poor to access healthcare and also be a lifesaver. The pinnacle of my professional goal is to be a neurosurgeon and help perform complex brain and spine surgeries.

I have always had a passion for neurosurgery due to the complexity of the human brain. I was further inspired when I was given the opportunity by FOCOS Orthopaedic Hospital to serve as a research and medical intern under the direct supervision of a neurosurgeon. I served as an intern for two months (27th October, 2020 to 29th December, 2020) and within this period, I gained a lot of practical experience as I observed a lot of general neurological consultations and also took part in several surgery observations. The internship made a great impact on me and inspired me to never give up on my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon regardless of the challenges I may be faced with. 

It is my stupendous desire to pursue my education to the PhD level and eventually become a professor of neurosurgery so that I can help train a lot of medical doctors to become neurosurgeons.

The arduous challenges associated with neurosurgery has discouraged a lot of young Ghanaian doctors from venturing into the field. I would love to create awareness on the need for medical doctors to pursue neurosurgery and help reduce the pressure on the few neurosurgeons who provide health care to the general populace in Ghana.

Coming from a low class family, I have faced so many financial challenges but God has helped me by making His grace available to overcome them. I have learnt to be resilient and to never give up on my dreams irrespective of the difficulties that come my way.

By virtue of my background and what I have been through, I would love to give back to the society in the future by also helping brilliant but needy students to get scholarships in order to further their education.

Bernard Bosomah Yeboah

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