Meet Kelly

 Achieving a feat of becoming a role model and a symbol of enlightenment to others in my underprivileged community and country has always been my long-term goal. My name is Kelly Carl Abakah Blankson, a native of Princess Town in the Western Region of Ghana and currently a student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, studying BSC. Geological Engineering after which I intend to attain my Doctorate degree in geophysics and hydrogeology. I attended Ghana Secondary Technical School for my senior high school education and was an active member of the Science and Maths Quiz team of the school.

I also had my basic and junior high education at Brightest and Best School, where I was the Boys Prefect of the school. Hardwork and determination to succeed in life has always been my motivation to strive forward despite the obstacles I encounter.

         I have been working hard to achieve my educational and professional goals despite belonging to a family of lower financial background. Undoubtedly, my single mother has been very supportive even after the demise of my father but unfortunately she cannot bear the huge burden of my fee structure and as a result, obtaining this Empowering Africa Inc. Scholarship  would be very helpful in easing the financial burden on my family.

         Due to my love for volunteering works, I saw it as a great opportunity to join the Youth Wing of my community since I am much geared towards taking initiatives to better the lives of people in my community. I learned a lot about construction process from the ground up and the relevance of team work. I am glad the numerous volunteer works I was involved in, solved many problems that hampered development in my community. I am passionate about solving  societal problems and also enjoy working in groups utilizing reviews and candid sessions with my team. Also I am motivated to learn, excel academically and I take great satisfaction in obtaining knowledge. Hardwork and determination has been my tool of overcoming obstacles that try to hinder me from achieving my aims and aspirations.

         My determination to achieve greater heights in my educational and professional career has made me more resilient despite the struggles I encounter. My goal is to establish an institution which would provide potable water, help stop water pollution and also help mitigate the occurrence of natural disasters. I therefore deem this scholarship as a great opportunity which I intend to utilize with all alacrity in order to help me to acquire the necessary knowledge needed to consolidate my educational, professional and philanthropic goals.

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