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The Empowering Africa Inc. Scholarship is designed for high-achieving students that face financial challenges in pursuing higher education. We are looking for students that not only have strong academic performances in the classroom, but are also motivated to make a difference with their education. Applicants should be well rounded and be passionate about making social change with the degree they receive.

Qualified students wishing to apply for the Empowering Africa Inc. Scholarship should submit the form located on this page. Applicants are advised to complete the entire form in one sitting, as the form will NOT save partial submissions. If there are any questions about the application submission or processes, feel free to email

Important Note: While filling out the application students are prompted to provide an email address. This email address must be a gmail address, if applicants do not have a gmail address they can create one here.

Before filling out the form, all applicants should look over the Selection Criteria page to make sure they meet all requirements.

Selection Criteria:

Online Application Form: Click Here

Paper Instructions: If you run out of room for any response, indicate on a separate sheet of paper which question you are answering and continue or rewrite your response. Please send your application to the office of Student Affairs and Financial Services, Office of the Dean of Students, room 19, KNUST. Turn in this application BEFORE the deadline of 09/07/2021 (July 9th) to be considered for this scholarship.

Paper Form: Click Here

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